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Meet Adrienne......

We are the supreme team of fun passionate Event Coordinators. With our expertise and love for parties and events, you can be confident that your special day will be handled with the ultimate attention to detail. We create eye candy!

Adrienne is a mom, wife and party planner.  After years of working in corporate America she decided to venture off and start her own business.  This AV8R mom holds several degrees in Communication and Behavior Science and currently working on her private pilots license.... so when she's not working on a wedding or crunching out rental, you'll find her flying or working on her book.  Adrienne loves hosting and has the most AMAZING vacation rental in the lovely California Mountains that couples, clients and families can book for honeymoons or quick getaways.  

Our Team

Clients such as Fox, CBS Television Network and Nickelodeon have raved about how professional and sweet are team members are!   We can setup and return for tear down or stay the entire event. *Chocolate Fountains require an attendant.    

Why Choose Us

Quality & Clean

Delicious Goodies


Professional Staff